Our Victories

Greenpeace works directly with communities in Australia and across the world to protect the environments they call home.

Here are just some recent victories that you've helped us achieve with the power of people.


Fighting climate change

We campaign to protect vulnerable communities and ecosystems from the effects of the climate crisis.
We must demand that leaders all around the world reduce greenhouse gas emissions to save our planet.

The Prime Minister ordered the revision of zones where fires can be legally left to burn, preventing carbon dioxide from being released.

The Dutch Senate passed a law banning coal energy production, aiming to phase out coal by 2030.

Over 200,000 Australians viewed and shared our investigation into the influence of coal in politics. 

The planet needs our help to stop destructive extreme weather caused by the climate emergency. We need to get climate on the government's agenda and we need your support to pressure leaders.

May 2019

August 2019

December 2019

Exposing coal's dirty ties to politics

Review of weak fire control zones

Plans to phase out coal by 2030

Standing up against big oil

We’re standing up against risky oil drilling right around the world – including here in Australia. 

We must protect marine ecosystems and coastal communities from corporations drilling for oil.

All mining activities are suspended until a full investigation into the health impacts of soil and rice samples is completed.

Norway's Lofoten Islands is protected from the oil industry after years of environmental campaigning.

Equinor quit the Great Australian Bight, following BP and Chevron, who also abandoned their risky drilling plans.

We are currently working to protect the Arctic from big oil companies. Help us as we push to defend global marine ecosystems from the risk of widespread oil spills and destruction.

February 2020

March 2018

Investigation of mining's impact on soil

April 2019

Equinor's withdrawal from the Bight

Protection of Lofoten Islands against oil

Protecting our forests

One of our main objectives is to stop deforestation and illegal logging. The palm oil industry is one of the main targets as it is the biggest danger to forests and the species living in them.

Russia established one of its largest old-growth nature reserves: a 300,000 hectare area larger than the size of Luxembourg.

Singapore-based palm oil trader Wilma International published a detailed action plan to map and monitor all of its suppliers. 

The Belgian government took tangible action against illegal logging based on a timber alert from Greenpeace Belgium.

We are currently working on protecting the Indonesian forests from dirty palm oil.
Join the fight and help protect orangutans and local communities from deforestation.

October 2019

July 2019

July 2018

Establishment of old-growth reserve

Investigation into illegal timber

Wilmar's new deforestation action plan

Safeguarding our oceans

Protecting our oceans has always been one of Greenpeace’s core goals. Having healthy oceans is a major priority as they are intertwined with the food, health, tourism and leisure of communities worldwide.

The UK Government announced its support for protecting 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030.

Government support for ocean protection

The regional government of Balearic Islands approved a local law to regulate threats to marine sea grass meadow.

Woolworths and Coles, two major supermarkets in Australia, committed to phasing out single-use plastic bags.

We are fighting to protect our international oceans from industrial fishing, plastic pollution, oil drilling and deep sea mining, and the climate crisis. Play a part in safeguarding our blue planet.

June 2018

September 2018

July 2018

Supermarket ban on plastic bags

Law to protect sea grass meadow

Transitioning to clean energy

Together, we brought down Turnbull’s dirty power plan: the National Energy Guarantee. Now, we’re fighting for 100% renewable energy to safeguard Australia from catastrophic climate change.

The National Environmental Tribunal cancelled a licence issued to a coal-fired power plant in Lamu.

Slovakia will support the EU 2050 carbon neutrality target and stop burning coal to produce electricity by 2023.

Australians called on their state energy ministers to reject the National Energy Guarantee.

We are on a mission to push big companies to switch to renewable energy. Join us in calling on companies to take climate change seriously and commit to using 100% renewable energy by 2030.

July 2018

June 2019

June 2019

Rejection of National Energy Guarantee

Phase out of coal by 2023

Cancellation of licence to coal-fired plant

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