The Greenpeace national / regional Organisations are located around the globe and firmly rooted in the local environmental communities where they are located. They maintain direct contact with the public: all Greenpeace organisations can be directly contacted by phone or email.

Greenpeace International is the entity that maintains contacts with supporters and donors in countries where there is not a Greenpeace organisation. It also provides a range of services to the national/regional organisations such as maintenance of some Greenpeace ships, setting up new Greenpeace organisations, drawing up combined financial forecasts and strategies for the worldwide organisation, providing fundraising support to national/regional organisations, providing cost-efficient global IT services and Internet tools, and protecting the Greenpeace trademark.

Greenpeace national/regional organisations are licensed to use the name “Greenpeace” by Stichting Greenpeace Council. National/ regional organisations contribute financially to Greenpeace International, campaign locally, participate in international campaigns, and help shape the international campaign program. t