Protecting The Ocean

Oceans sustain life on our blue planet – but they’re under threat from climate change, industrial fishing, plastic pollution, and the looming threat of deep sea mining. Ocean protection can’t wait any longer.

Loggerhead Turtle on Ningaloo Reef


How much of the High Seas is currently protected. We must increase this to 30% by 2030


The number of pieces of plastic in our oceans. By 2050, our oceans could have more plastic than fish


The number of species recently discovered in the Pacific, now under threat of extinction because of deep sea mining

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise and crew are investigating distant water fishing fleet practices in the Mid-Atlantic

We need to turn the tide on ocean protection

Our blue planet relies on the oceans to stay in balance. But they’re under threat from man-made pressures, such as climate change, plastic pollution, overfishing, and deep sea mining.

We’re fighting to protect our oceans

We are campaigning for a Global Ocean Treaty, a Global Plastics Treaty, and to stop Deep Sea Mining before it starts.

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Stretching over 50,000 kilometres, Australia’s coastline is a haven for some of the world’s most awe-inspiring marine biodiversity. But how well do you know the wonders lurking beneath the surface of our waters? Dive in and take this quiz to test your knowledge!

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