In 2018, the Australian government proposed the National Energy Guarantee (NEG), which would actually inhibit renewable energy projects, drive up emissions, and increase power prices. This stirred concerns about Australia not meeting its targets from the Paris Agreement, which aims to build a global effort to combat the climate emergency. Australians called on their state energy ministers to reject the National Energy Guarantee.

Save Solar - TV Commercial in Australia - Video Grab. © Greenpeace
A television commercial produced to challenge Australian politician Malcolm Turnbull’s proposed National Energy Guarantee (NEG) and protect Australia’s flourishing renewable energy industry. © Greenpeace

Greenpeace Australia Pacific launched a crowdfunder, Save Solar, to stop the policy going through. In a matter of weeks, we raised nearly $55,000 to expose the then-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s dirty power plan through TV advertising in Victoria and Queensland. The advertisements called for Australians to contact their state energy ministers and tell them to reject the government’s NEG.

The NEG was effectively rejected under Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership and was subsequently dumped by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.