How to get involved

We believe in the power of many. The strength of our work depends on the thousands of people who put their beliefs into action. Together we give our beautiful planet the voice it deserves.

Whales Not Woodside Paddle Out in Fremantle. © Harriet Spark / Grumpy Turtle Film / Greenpeace

Your regular gift, just once every four weeks, will ensure we have a stable base of funds to fight daily for a clean and safe future for our planet and all who call it home.

Cooks River Clean Up in Sydney. © Greenpeace / Jane Castle

Join our network of volunteers

People all across the world help Greenpeace to do everything from painting signs and making banners, organising local events and protests, through to hanging those banners and occupying coal-fired power stations.

This fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs you.

Other ways you can get involved

Take action now for a green and peaceful future