Protecting Our Forests

Our world is in crisis. Our forests are disappearing and natural habitats are being destroyed.

The Tiaro sawmill, Queensland. Australia is among the worst 11 countries for deforestation


Is killed every second by deforestation


Is the time it takes for a forest the size of the MCG to be cleared


Hectares of forest lost to deforestation annually in Australia

The problem

Imagine two huge bulldozers rumbling brutally through a forest snapping trees like matchsticks. Imagine wildlife desperately fleeing the scene, being killed, maimed or dying slowly of starvation. Imagine the trees pushed into piles and set on fire to complete the annihilation of the forest.

Now imagine this horrible deforestation happening every 2 minutes to an area of forest and bushland the size of the MCG. This is the scale of the deforestation crisis underway in Australia.

What we do

Greenpeace has for decades been a global leader and voice for action to curb deforestation. Locally, Greenpeace Australia Pacific is focused on shifting Australia’s biggest corporations to go deforestation-free and removing the economic incentives for this environmental destruction.

Markus Mauthe in Tree Stump in Tasmania. © Markus Mauthe / Greenpeace

Your ongoing support is the most effective way to contribute by helping us with long term campaign strategies.

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