Almost 20 years of campaigning the United Nations officially landed on an agreement for a Global Ocean Treaty. This historic win will help secure protection for 30% of our global oceans and is blazing the pathway to a healthy climate future. Our oceans will be safer than ever thanks to over 5.5 million people that supported this campaign.

Protect the Oceans Projection onto Brooklyn Bridge. ©  POW / Greenpeace
Greenpeace USA activists project scenes of beauty and fragility onto New York’s iconic Brooklyn Bridge. © POW / Greenpeace

The agreement of this Treaty keeps the 30×30 target – protecting 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030 – alive. It provides a pathway to creating fully or highly protected areas across the world’s oceans. There are still flaws in the text, and governments must ensure that the Treaty is put into practice in an effective and equitable way for it to be considered a truly ambitious Treaty.

The text will now go through technical editing and translation, before officially being adopted at another session. This Treaty is a monumental win for ocean protection, and an important sign that multilateralism still works in an increasingly divided world.

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