Ending coal mining in Australia

Join the movement for ending coal mining and embracing a 100% renewable energy future.

Climate change is the defining issue of our generation. And our choice is clear: do we keep burning coal, pumping carbon pollution into the atmosphere, killing hundreds of thousands of people each year and signing the death warrant for the Great Barrier Reef? Or do we stop coal mining and create a Coal Free world of clean, renewable energy, of justice and cooperation, where we can breathe freely and where our precious coral reefs thrive?


Our planet is drastically warming, and humans are the cause. The only solution is to dramatically cut our carbon emissions, starting with ending the most polluting fossil fuel of all: coal.

Most people want clean energy and an end to global warming. But the fossil fuel industry, and their politician friends, are doing all they can to slow down the clean energy revolution we need so they can keep profiting at the expense of the planet and all who depend on it. The effects are being felt around the world – from choking air pollution in India, to rising sea levels in the Pacific; from the violence against first nations people in the path of coal mining, to the unprecedented bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef.

A Greenpeace action where a message has been projected on a coal-fired power plant to protest against non renewable energy. It reads "no future in fossil fuels".

The only way we can protect our planet is to join together and fight for a clean, healthy future free of carbon pollution.

Australia is the world’s biggest coal exporter and the worst per capita carbon polluter of any developed country. Impactful global action against dangerous global warming starts here.

Here is a Greenpeace action in 2018, asking our government to turn away from coal.