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Help end
the age of

Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are fanning the flames of climate change. Urgent action is needed to prevent extreme weather from worsening to unsurvivable extremes. Donate today.


Burning coal, oil, and gas is driving the climate crisis, turning up the intensity and severity of extreme weather like bushfires, heatwaves, and cyclones in Australia and around the world.

For decades, the world's biggest fossil fuel polluters, like Woodside, Shell, and BP have been getting away with recklessly destroying our communities, oceans and lands for profit without consequence. Impacted communities are paying a heavy price for worsening climate change while fossil fuel corporations make a quick buck. 

Right now, Greenpeace is working to take on the biggest polluters and stop new coal, oil and gas projects in Australia. We’re holding corporations and governments to account, taking direct action and investigating and exposing them. 

We still have time. What happens next is in our hands. 

OUR Victories


Turned AGL, Australia's biggest climate polluter, green
Last year, Greenpeace, together with a diverse group of people and organisations, took on AGL and won. AGL’s transformation from Australia’s biggest climate polluter to one of Australia’s biggest climate solutions is now underway and has been one of the most dramatic in Australian corporate history.


Pushed big corporates to cut emissions
Early last year, Telco giant Optus become the final major Australian telco to commit to switch to 100% renewable electricity. Together we have pushed 21 major companies from Coles and Woolworths through to Bunnings and Kmart to commit to power their businesses with renewable electricity by 2025.


Saved the Bight from oil drilling
In 2020, after a relentless campaign, the Norwegian oil giant Equinor withdrew its plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight. This comes after Chevron and BP also withdrew their plans thanks to the pressure from Greenpeace and local communities.

Help stop new coal, oil and gas projects to protect the lives of millions of people around the world.