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  • Finding Hope: Samoa

    16 February 2021
    Greenpeace Australia Pacific

    If you were faced with the threat of the disappearance of your nation, what would you do? Rt. Hon. Enele Sopoaga Foreword to Te Mana o te Moana: the State of the Climate in the Pacific 2020

  • Tools for Grassroots Activism

    15 December 2020
    Bella Todd

    Running a grassroots campaign or starting a movement online can be intimidating, but there are so many great tools available to help you get started. Here are our top picks from the world of online grassroots activism. Not only are these platforms all entirely FREE, they’re easy to use and they’re all for promoting responsible grassroots activism!

  • The Heaps Better podcast - A get it done guide to climate action

    8 December 2020

    Join Jess Hamilton and Ash Berdebes; two mates on a mission to discover the most high-impact, zero-fluff things we can do to take meaningful climate action. If you want to make things heaps better, but don’t know where to start — this podcast is for you!

  • The real life monsters behind the Amazon's deforestation

    2 November 2020

    Jag-wah's forest home is being burnt down to grow animal feed for meat. If we don't act, more precious habitats will be ruined, Indigenous Peoples could lose their homes, and we’ll lose the fight against climate change. Watch the film.

  • Big Weather (and how to survive it)

    13 October 2020

    The summer is approaching and it has been nearly 12 months since last season’s devastating bushfires. ABC’s new three-part series explores what communities have faced and how they’re preparing for the next season. How can we all adapt, survive and thrive with less predictable and more frequent extreme weather?

  • Your lungs will thank you for switching to clean energy

    25 August 2020
    Greenpeace Australia Pacific

    Covid-19 has brought normal life all over the world to a virtual halt. With fewer cars on the roads and industry scaling down their operations, the skies have cleared, leading many to question just how much pollution we were breathing in during the “normal times”.