Caroline shares her experience as a Green Guardian.

Caroline McDaid|Caroline McDaid portrait
Caroline and her family.|

This year we’re putting the spotlight on Caroline McDaid. Caroline started supporting Greenpeace through donations once she landed her first job while at university. In due time, Caroline decided to become a Green Guardian, much like yourself! And now she’s working as a Greenpeace employee. Quite the journey indeed!

When Caroline grew up in the UK, she was fortunate enough to attend a school that had a big focus on the natural environment, which led to her discovering Greenpeace at an early age.

“My first memories of Greenpeace are intertwined with learning about environmental threats such as acid rain, the hole in the ozone layer and animal extinction threats in primary school.”
“I have vivid memories of completing a project aged 10 on these threats and using Greenpeace as a source of information and inspiration. Some of these battles have been won which gives me great courage about the fight to address climate change that we have on our hands right now.”
Speaking of the climate crisis we’re facing now, Caroline shared some sobering thoughts on this matter.
“We are but the caretakers of the environment around us for future generations. It is not ‘ours’ but belongs to the future generations of humans, plants and animals that will inhabit it. If we can leave a positive footprint for them we will have made something of our time here.”
“I truly believe that Greenpeace provides us all with the opportunity to mobilise and address the greatest challenge of our time by driving systemic and lasting change.”

Caroline says she is incredibly proud of the work that Greenpeace has done in the Great Australian Bight.

“While unseen by many, around 80% of the wildlife in this critical part of our oceans cannot be found anywhere else in the world. And Greenpeace along with others in the movement has helped protect this as well as avoiding the unnecessary carbon emissions from this oil being consumed.”

When not involved with Greenpeace, Caroline likes to go trail running, and spending time with her daughters out in nature. She wants her children to have the same love for the environment as she does.

“I think it’s important that they are aware of the world around them, that they have a sense of responsibility for our planet and the confidence and optimism that we can all have an impact.”
“While I have children that need to be a focus in my will, I think it’s important to think more broadly about the legacy I’m leaving behind. Greenpeace perfectly aligns with my values and what is important to me and my family. I am happy that Greenpeace is now reflected in my will.”