Breaking free from fossil fuels

  • Standing up to Commonwealth Bank on the Sunshine Coast

    29 August 2017

    I opened up the group email from Greenpeace.  It explained that the organiser of the the up-coming Greenpeace protest on the Sunshine Coast to stop The Commonwealth Bank investing in fossil fuels, had stepped down rather late in the piece..  The email asked if anyone would like to step into the role at this late stage, just a couple of weeks before the action.

  • Keep the pressure up on CommBank

    11 August 2017

    The Commonwealth Bank have just announced that they have ruled out funding the Carmichael mine. They have joined 24 other banks from around the world in saying they won’t fund this dodgy, destructive, mega mine project.

  • It's time for collective responsibility

    3 August 2017

    A few weeks ago, mum called to tell me how horrified she had been to find out that plastic toothbrushes end up in landfill; and that she had bought bamboo brushes for the whole family. I promised to remember to take my new toothbrush on my next visit; and of course reassured her that, yes, I do still remember to always brush up and down. Needless to say, she was really excited about the new toothbrushes (and my dental hygiene).  

  • Dirty coal to dirty politics

    21 July 2017

    Everything is connected through a malformed Political Economy The life of our reef is intimately linked to the health of our politics and the future of our communities. Coal has no role to play.

  • How to write a review on CommBank's smartphone apps

    14 July 2017

    CommBank invested more money into polluting fossil fuels in 2016 than any other Australian bank. By propping up dirty energy, CommBank is holding us back from a future with clean air, clean water and a healthy Great Barrier Reef.

  • Why Australia needs to whip its coal dependence

    14 July 2017

    In the same way people a century ago wanted cars instead of horses, people today don’t want coal — they want renewables. This piece was originally published on Independent Australia.

  • Living the dream - how I found the time to be a hands-on activist in a busy, crazy world.

    11 July 2017

    Always being a keen “keyboard activist”, signing petitions and sending emails, I told myself that as a busy working mum this was all I had time to do. So, when Greenpeace asked me to step up and lead some Coalbank action in my region, the temptation was soon quashed with my own ready mantra, “I’m working full time and now studying too – I haven’t got the time”