You demanded climate action and today, NSW Labor listened. If elected, they’ve pledged to make huge investments in renewable energy. This is great news in the race to switch from climate-wrecking coal to clean energy, and it shows that climate action is well and truly on the agenda this NSW election.

With polling day drawing closer, we need to ramp up the pressure on Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s coal-loving Liberals. They must match Labor and commit to action for our climate now.

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A man walks in solar farm.
Thailand has great potential in producing solar power. Government promotion of renewable energy supports these cleaner technologies. The Thai Government has also set a National Agenda for renewable energy, which aims for 25% of the country’s energy portfolio to come from renewable sources by 2022.
However, Thailand lacks the infrastructure that will truly support such high potential, like pushing for a ‘Renewable Energy law’ for example, that will promote policies, increase energy security in the country by reducing energy imports, increasing energy resources, building competitive energy market for sustainable economic growth, and help reduce CO2 emissions.||||||

NSW Labor has committed to supercharge our state’s investment in renewable power if elected! [1] This is big: if it goes through, this policy could turn NSW from a laggard into a genuine leader on clean energy. Now it’s time to turn up the heat on Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s Liberal Government.  

This comes hot on the heels of our cheeky stunt at NSW Parliament last week, where we dropped in on Labor’s big election fundraiser dinner with a clear message: the people of NSW want urgent climate action.

And they heard us. They know now that this is an election-deciding issue. This is great news. Now we need to use this momentum to win strong commitments from the NSW Liberals to tackle our country’s devastating climate crisis and put us on the path to a sustainable future.

So with four weeks until NSW goes to the polls, it’s time for us to pile the pressure on the Liberals. 

CHIP IN NOW: to power a climate campaigning blitz demanding action on climate damage.

The pressure from our movement is building. People like you have signed our petition and targeted NSW leaders on social media calling for climate action, and we’ve seen media story after story and polling showing that a majority of Australians want renewables and climate action [2] and are ready to vote for them. [3]

And today, we’ve funded a huge full-page colour print ad in the Sydney Morning Herald this week calling out climate inaction by the Liberal party funded by Greenpeace supporters:

Our full page ad in the Sydney Morning Herald

On top of that, the parties are now battling it out on positive, solutions focussed climate policy. They desperately don’t want to be outdone on this vote-winning issue, especially not by their major rivals.

That’s a position we haven’t been in for a long time – now we need to take full advantage.

The NSW Labor party has committed to build 9GW of clean energy by 2030. That’s a lot of power. It’s the equivalent of nine big coal power stations: enough to power 3 million homes and provide 72% of power in NSW.

The question is, will Gladys Berejiklian’s NSW Liberal party step it up and match this? After eight years of inaction by our Liberal-National Govenment, NSW has a lot of catching up to do. Now is the time for leadership and ambition on climate and energy.

Right now, the Liberals will be extra sensitive on the back of this groundbreaking announcement by Labor. If we ratchet up the pressure now, we can fuel this policy race and win the best possible outcome for our climate this NSW election.

Will you chip in to power a climate campaigning blitz during this crucial campaign opportunity?

Here’s what we can do if enough of us chip in together:

  • Cover influential online publications with a range of unmissable campaign ads to make sure voters in key swing electorates know just what’s at stake when they go to the polls;
  • Plaster key NSW electorates with iconic climate action street posters;
  • As polling day draws closer, we’ll do what Greenpeace does best – carry out an iconic top-secret stunt to make sure everyone has climate change at the front of their minds this coming election.

Chip in to power a cleaner future for NSW

NSW Labor’s announcement today is huge. It shows our message is getting through. This would be a huge step towards replacing our state’s ageing, unreliable and climate-wrecking coal fleet – but it’s crucial they don’t backtrack and commit to rolling out renewable projects in the next term of government.

We can’t stop now. It’s vital that we keep the pressure up on both parties to keep going – we know they can both do better.

Our state, and the whole of Australia, is suffering right now – and it’s the result of years of climate inaction by our leaders.

But we have a unique opportunity to turn NSW from an energy laggard into a climate leader. Are you with us?

Together, let’s power our campaign and show NSW leaders that they can no longer afford to ignore our climate crisis.


Let’s do this for NSW!