Greenpeace Australia Pacific is embarking on an extraordinary journey with the iconic Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior, sailing across the Pacific. We are on a mission to share the untold stories of the Pacific and the solutions proposed by the region to combat the climate crisis. By engaging with communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis, we aim to amplify their voices and showcase the resilience, determination, and courage of Pacific peoples in the face of devastating climate impacts.

Pacific Rainbow Warrior Ship Tour - Welcome Ceremony in Vanuatu|Pacific Climate Justice
Arrival ceremony for the iconic Greenpeace vessel, the Rainbow Warrior.
The Rainbow Warrior arrives in Port Vila, Vanuatu after a nine day voyage from Cairns, Australia, with climate activists, Pacific campaigners and First Nations leaders.
The ship is welcomed into port by a traditional ceremony which included kenus and dancing, with those aboard greeted by members of civil society groups, local communities and Representatives from the government of Vanuatu.
As part of Greenpeace’s Pacific Ship Tour, the Rainbow Warrior will spend six weeks sailing around Vanuatu, Tuvalu and Fiji, bearing witness with communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis, and gathering evidence of climate harm to present to the world’s highest court.|

Sharing Pacific Stories with the World

The Pacific region is no stranger to the impacts of climate change, with hundreds of communities bearing the brunt of rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and environmental degradation. Through the Rainbow Warrior tour, we aim to take these powerful stories to the global stage, ensuring that the world hears the voices of those most affected. By sharing these experiences, we will raise awareness and foster international solidarity in the fight against climate change.

The Goal of the Ship Tour

The Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Pacific tour aligns with our historic campaign to seek a world first advisory opinion on climate change from the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the world’s highest court. Recently, the campaign achieved a significant milestone by gaining consensus in the UN General Assembly. Now, as the campaign advances to The Hague, we are using the Rainbow Warrior as a vessel to spotlight and compile Pacific stories and deliver them directly to the ICJ as evidence. We hope that these powerful stories will contribute to a strong advisory opinion being handed down by the court that prioritises justice for frontline communities around the world .

A Journey of Inspiration

The seeds of the historic campaign were sown in the stories and experiences of the Pacific peoples. These stories have served as a profound source of inspiration, and now, they play a vital role in steering the campaign towards a momentous conclusion. The Rainbow Warrior serves not only as a ship but also as a symbol of hope, resilience, and solidarity for the Pacific communities and the global climate justice movement.

The Itinerary: Exploring Climate-Impacted Islands

The Rainbow Warrior’s journey will take us to some of the most climate-impacted islands in the Pacific, where communities are facing the harsh realities of climate change. We will visit Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Fiji, and Kioa, witnessing firsthand the environmental challenges and exploring the innovative solutions these communities have devised to combat the crisis. By highlighting the origin of these global solutions in the Pacific, we seek to underscore the importance of supporting and implementing climate initiatives worldwide.

In Search of a Momentous Conclusion at the International Court of Justice

As the Rainbow Warrior sails across the Pacific, it carries not only the hopes and aspirations of Pacific communities but also the collective determination to secure climate justice for the entire planet. The stories shared during this tour will serve as a clarion call to the International Court of Justice, reminding them of the urgent need to take decisive action on climate change. We stand in solidarity with the Pacific, and call upon the International Court of Justice to deliver an advisory opinion that acknowledges the impact that climate change is having on fundamental human rights and provides a strengthened legal framework to protect them.

The Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior’s tour of the Pacific is not just a maritime journey; it is a voyage of advocacy,solidarity and urgency. As we engage with our Pasifika family on the frontlines of the climate crisis, we are committed to amplifying their voices and sharing their stories with the world. By bringing these stories to The Hague, we seek to propel the historic campaign for an advisory opinion on climate change to a momentous conclusion.

Together with Pasifika peoples and the global community, Greenpeace Australia Pacific will continue to fight for climate justice, to protect human rights, and to create an ecologically sustainable future for generations to come.

Join us on this transformative journey as we set sail to shape a better world.

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