Climate Justice

The Pacific demonstrates global climate leadership from the frontlines of the climate crisis, lighting the path to survival through solutions, including the campaign for an International Court of Justice advisory opinion on climate change to the decades-long fight for loss and damage funding.

Devastating Impacts and Resilient Spirit

Decades of inaction and fossil fuel obsession by major economies have washed away much of what Pacific peoples have, while threatening the prospects of future generations. Homes and cultures continue to disappear as people flee for higher ground.

Climate impacts are hitting the human rights of millions of people in the Pacific hard. These communities are on the frontlines of the climate crisis and bearing the brunt of cyclones, rising seas, and other extreme weather events, despite contributing the least to cause it.

But in the face of these devastating impacts, the hope, determination and courage of Pacific peoples shines through. These proud people know that their lands and ways of living are worth saving – and have the courage, conviction, and plan to do so. The Pacific demonstrates global climate leadership from the frontlines of the climate crisis, demonstrating determination and courage to light the path to survival with solutions which traverse the world.

Pursuit of Climate Justice

The campaign to take climate harm to the world’s highest court, the International Court of Justice, marked a momentous achievement, passing the UN General Assembly by consensus, and is now headed to The Hague. The International Court of Justice, can  change the destiny of those most vulnerable and all future generations the world over.

Monumental Progress on Climate Change

We stand on the cusp of monumental progress in combating climate change. The campaign seeks to hold the biggest climate criminals accountable for their reckless pollution. Examples of polluting projects, like Woodside, serve as stark reminders of the need for legal consequences.

Lighting the Path to Survival

It’s time for countries around the world to recognise the Pacific’s moral authority on climate change, follow their leadership, and join their vaka to protect current and future generations from the harmful impacts of climate change.