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Help take the world's biggest problem to the world's highest court.
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Change The Law,
Change The World.

Climate change is a threat to us all. But right now, Pacific communities are being hit hardest by the impact of the growing climate disaster – paying heavily for our fossil fuel addiction despite contributing the least to it.

Governments of big polluting countries are stalling, but we need action now. The Pacific is leading the fight for climate justice, taking government responsibility for climate change to the world’s highest court, the International Court of Justice.

Greenpeace is working to document evidence of the impact of climate change on communities, amplify the voices of those most urgently impacted, and build an undeniable case for climate justice.

Join the fight for climate justice and help make big polluting countries accountable to those who are most impacted by climate change, donate now.

From a classroom in Vanuatu to the
highest court in the world

A timeline of action

ICJAO Timeline Pacific 2

Join the Pacific campaign as it heads to the International Court of Justice.