David Ritter - Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO

David Ritter

Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO

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Hi, I’m David Ritter

I have loved Greenpeace since I was a kid and it is my privilege to lead the talented and determined team at Greenpeace Australia Pacific on the mission to secure an Earth capable of nurturing life in all of its magnificent diversity.

I’m from Perth originally, but now live in Sydney with my wife Frances. We’ve got two wonderful and curious daughters who provide incredible motivation and encouragement every day. Before joining Greenpeace, I spent more than a decade working as a lawyer, with a particular focus on Indigenous rights.

“Humanity is an intrinsically kind and creative species that has been lucky enough to evolve on our incredibly beautiful planet.” Divid Ritter – CEO, Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Yet life on earth now faces an unprecedented ecological crisis that threatens to engulf all that we love. The solutions are at hand – we know what we need to do – it is the vested interests of big polluters that stand in the way. 

At this moment in human history it is a privilege to work for Greenpeace. Our theory of change is to use our unique combination of capabilities in deep collaboration with friends and allies, overturn the power of the vested interests, to enable change at emergency speed and scale, to secure a safer earth of future flourishing.

We can draw encouragement and courage from the track record of success. For example, in the last few years in the Australia Pacific region, we have:

And that is just in my home-country of Australia. Greenpeace is a truly global network, and our wins and our influence is felt all over the planet. And always and everywhere, we are authentically independent: we accept no funding from any government, business or political party in Australia and the Pacific or anywhere in the world. This means we can always speak truth to power – and that everything we do relies on the generosity of individuals, families and a small number of independent trusts and foundations.

Long before I worked for Greenpeace, I was a monthly donor to Greenpeace, and I still am. I’m also leaving Greenpeace a bequest in my will, because I wholeheartedly believe in our mission and our effectiveness.

If you aren’t already involved with Greenpeace, it would be fantastic if you jumped in. And if you are already part of the crew, then thank you. If there is one thing we know, it is that people working together can achieve practically anything.

Together, we have the strength, ingenuity, power and creativity to save the world – so let’s get on with it!

Greenpeace International activist, Alice holds a sign with a blue heart as a thank you to supporters from a RHIB in the Pacific Ocean. The Greenpeace ship is in the Pacific to bear witness to the deep sea mining industry. Part of the ongoing 'Protect the Oceans' campaign.
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