• Crude Intentions

    20 November 2018

    Greenpeace Australia Pacific worked with US oil spill consultant and marine biologist, Professor Richard Steiner, the leading ecologist involved in the cleanup and monitoring of the Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska, to produce a report on the effects of a potential oil spill in the Great Australian Bight. While BP, Chevron, and Equinor have all exited the Bight following successful campaigns, this world renowned biodiversity hot spot is still at risk from oil and gas drilling and seismic testing.

  • More Expensive, More Pollution

    19 July 2018

    Greenpeace Australia Pacific has released Reputex modelling that shows that the government’s National Energy Guarantee fails on emissions and power prices.

  • License to Krill

    13 March 2018
    Greenpeace Australia Pacific

    Are krill oil companies stealing food from the mouths of Antarctic penguins and whales?

  • Done and Dusted?

    1 March 2018

    February 2018: As Australia transitions away from coal-fired power, questions are raised about the safe management and disposal coal ash, one of the most significant forms of waste in the world.

  • The double threat to the Great Barrier Reef

    3 July 2017

    July 2017: Australia’s track record on protecting the Great Barrier Reef will again come under international scrutiny at the 41st meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Krakow, Poland, on 2-12 July 2017.

  • Steeling the Future

    6 June 2017

    This report highlights the role that Australia’s metallurgical coal exports have played in the increasing global use of blast furnace/basic oxygen furnace-based steel production, the most greenhouse gas emission intensive process to produce steel