Stand with Amazon Defenders

Stand with Amazon Defenders

The Amazon is being set on fire for profit, fuelled by forest-destroying Brazilian President Bolsonaro. Environmental defenders and Indigenous Peoples attempting to stop the destruction are being met with increasing violence.

Right now the lungs of our planet are being set on fire and chopped down for profit by corporate monsters.

Environmental defenders and Indigenous Peoples attempting to stop the destruction are being met with increasing violence. The Amazon is one of our most important defences against the climate crisis and is vital for a safe future for all.

Add your voice now to help protect the Amazon.

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Stand with Indigenous Peoples and environmental defenders to protect the Amazon and help amplify their voices to the world, building a case for action to keep rainforests in the hands of the Indigenous Peoples, who are the true forest protectors.

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 The world’s largest rainforest could be lost forever.

The Amazon is reaching a tipping point of no return. In a few years it could lose its ability to produce rain, and fail as a rainforest.

Worst fires and deforestation in over a decade

Man-made fires, chainsaws and bulldozers destroy the ancient forest for cattle ranching mining and illegal logging.





acres of fragile Amazon rainforest destroyed every single day. 





fire hotspots registered in August




145,500 hectares deforested in September - 45% increase from last year. 

Stand with Amazon defenders to protect the Amazon. 

Why protect the Amazon?


Indigenous Peoples lives and livelihoods depend on the Rainforest. 

Indigenous communities have been fighting for their lands for centuries. Survival of the Amazon is vital to preserving their way of life and the plants and wildlife that support their livelihoods. But Indigenous land rights have been ignored with more land-grabbing, invasion of Indigenous Lands and serious violence used against them. We must stand with Indigenous Peoples, to demand protection for Indigenous territories so the rainforest can be kept in the hands of the guardians of the forest.


Protection of the Amazon is the backbone of our fight against climate change

No matter where you live, the health of the Amazon rainforest affects your life. The forest works as a carbon sink, storing carbon dioxide, preventing it from being released into the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. Deforestation releases the carbon dioxide, fuelling climate change. 40% of Brazil’s carbon emissions come from deforestation.


Help protect rainforest species found no where else on earth 

From colourful butterflies to the mighty Jaguar, the Amazon rainforest is made up of a mosaic of ecosystems which have unmatched biological richness. Standing behind the Amazon defenders and guardians of the forest means not only protecting the beautiful jungle, but also all the animals that are already threatened. researchers have signalled that we could be driving millions of them to extinction before we even know about them.

Help protect the Amazon now