Our Style

Greenpeace is independent, global and powerful. Our goal is to ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity. We do this by igniting the shared social, political, economic and cultural power of people to win a just and healthy planet.

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Greenpeace exists through the power of our crew. Our crew are our staff, volunteers, activists and the vast numbers of people who share the Greenpeace vision and collectively take action. What we say and do, how we engage in civil society, how we rebel against economic systems, the norms we form and the stories we create build our power as a movement.

We ignite our power through storytelling and organising around these stories. We exist to change mindsets and galvanise people power, to build a new story for the world.

Greenpeace activists hold a banner that reads ‘The People vs. Shell’ as they scaled the Polar Pioneer drill rig in the Pacific Ocean. © Vincenzo Floramo / Greenpeace

Our approach

This visual style guide is our toolset to launch powerful, unique and impactful campaigns while unifying all aspects under the same visual identity. These graphic and semantic elements form the canvas that conveys what Greenpeace is, who our diverse and powerful crew are and what the Greenpeace Australia Pacific (GPAP) brand stands for. Our brand is a powerful tool, but improper use could be detrimental. These elements should only be used across Greenpeace Australia Pacific approved campaigns and associated partnerships.

Maintaining a unified and consistent visual identity ensures that we are able to:

  • Communicate clear and strong messages to our crew;
  • Express our values and personality in a consistent way;
  • Ensure the right policies are changed and promises kept; and
  • Create the hope, opportunities and means to win a just and healthy planet together.

The Greenpeace style is:

| Courageous, bold and energetic

  • Bright colours
  • Bold typography
  • High quality, energetic, action-focused photo and video content

| Authentic, innovative and goal orientated

  • Clear, simple typography
  • Memorable layouts and visual assets
  • Bold, purposeful and truthful image choices without the use of photo manipulation or filters

| Accessible, inclusive, collaborative and grassroots

  • Diversity in photo and video content, demonstrating the power of collective action
  • Variety of colours and visual resources that are tested to ensure media is accessible
  • We use and contribute to open-source design assets, tools and media