• New Truefood Guide responds to consumer concerns

    2 March 2011

    Sydney’s top celebrity chefs, Murray from the Wiggles and concerned farmers will join Greenpeace today to launch the 2011 Truefood Guide Kids edition, helping inform parents what’s in their kids’ lunchbox (1).

  • New ANU Report: Government emissions scam exposed

    17 February 2011

    Greenpeace is calling for a dramatic increase in emissions reductions targets following revelations in a new Australian National University (ANU) report that a 5% target is rendered meaningless by sub prime offsets from the land use and forestry sector (known as LULUCF).

  • Food labelling review fails to protect Aussie kids

    27 January 2011

    Today Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Catherine King, released the results of the Blewett review of Australia’s food labelling laws, in a press conference closed off to the public.

  • Greenpeace blockades Pacific-bound unregistered Tuna ship in Taiwan harbour

    24 January 2011

    Activists from the Greenpeace flagship the Rainbow Warrior today prevented the departure of fish carrier MV Lung Yuin, demanding that Taiwan's Fisheries Agency (FA) properly investigate and as appropriate, prosecute the ship’s owners, who are in apparent breach of Taiwan’s laws. A Greenpeace activist chained himself to Lung Yuin's anchor chain with a banner reading "FA, investigate Now.”

  • Greenpeace exposes suspected illegal fish carrier in Taiwanese port

    23 January 2011

    Last night, activists from Greenpeace flagship the Rainbow Warrior exposed a Taiwanese owned fish carrier Lung Yuin suspected of violations of Taiwanese fisheries laws moored in the port of Kaoshiung, Taiwan and called on Taiwanese Fisheries Agency to investigate the fish carrier ship (1). Activists projected the phrases "Illegal in Taiwan?", "Investigate and as appropriate prosecute now!" and "Pacific tuna plunder" onto the hull of Lung Yuin, which is bound to collect tuna from the Pacific Ocean.