Press release – 27 February, 2013Thursday 28 February 2013: Over the next two months, Australia will host one of the world’s iconic ships, the new Rainbow Warrior. This extraordinary ship was funded entirely by donations from Australia and around the world. She will arrive in Melbourne on March 13 to begin a six-week tour of Australia.“Her mission in Australia is as simple as it is desperate,” said Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO, David Ritter. “She is here to draw attention to what is happening and to join the defence of our Great Barrier Reef.  The Rainbow Warrior is here to support every Australian who is willing to get on board to save the Great Barrier Reef.”
“Ever since the first Greenpeace expedition set off in a ramshackle fishing vessel to stop US nuclear testing, we have relied on old refitted vessels,” said Greenpeace CEO David Ritter. “The new Rainbow Warrior is the exception. We built her from scratch so she is custom-designed to be one of the most eco-friendly and effective campaigning ships ever built.”
After hosting free open days at Melbourne’s Princes Pier on 16-17 March, the Rainbow Warrior will make port stops in Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Airlie Beach and Mackay.
“Proposals to expand Australia’s coal export industry will dramatically increase our contribution to climate change and irreversibly damage the Great Barrier Reef,” said Ritter.
“The Rainbow Warrior has always had community at the centre of her history and actions. The 60,000 Queenslanders who depend on the Reef for their livelihood will see that they have a strong ally in this beautiful ship.”
“This Rainbow Warrior tour is an opportunity for Australians to literally ‘get-on-board’ to save the Reef from coal. We’ll be visiting affected communities, documenting impacts of coal developments on the Reef and joining Australians to take action.”
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