Greenpeace Australia Pacific has vowed to use every means possible to stop Woodside, after the fossil fuel company’s controversial plan for seismic blasting in endangered whale habitat was approved by the offshore regulator NOPSEMA.

Woodside plans to seismic blast for up to 80 days off the Pilbara coast to assess gas reserves for its Burrup Hub, which if it goes ahead will be Australia’s dirtiest fossil fuel project. 

Greenpeace Australia Pacific campaigner Sophie McNeill warned that Woodside faces escalating community backlash as it starts work on the Burrup Hub.

“Greenpeace will oppose Woodside’s Burrup Hub at every step, and that means stopping its dangerous seismic blasting,” she said.

“Woodside now has the green light to seismic blast in whale habitat, close to an endangered pygmy blue whale migration superhighway and UNESCO-protected Ningaloo Reef. Seismic blasting can deafen whales, who use their sonar to find food – so a deaf whale is a dead whale.”

“You would think the awful pictures of pilot whales beaching in southern WA would have reminded Woodside how vulnerable whales are to changes in their environment.” 

“Almost 300,000 people have told us they oppose Woodside’s Burrup Hub, and the company can kiss its reputation goodbye if it pushes ahead with harming Western Australia’s wildlife.” 

“Woodside’s Burrup Hub is a disaster for nature and the climate. We will be fighting it every step of the way and ensure the world is watching Woodside’s wanton destruction of our environment.”

Seismic blasting uses underwater airguns to blast powerful sound waves towards the seabed to identify fossil fuel reservoirs beneath the ocean floor. It can seriously injure whales and potentially kill other marine life. A growing body of research indicates that this noise pollution can damage, sometimes permanently, the hearing of whales and fish, as well as kill important prey species like plankton. 

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Greenpeace Australia Pacific fact sheet:  Blasting the Ocean: Woodside’s Risky Seismic Plan