News Releases

  • Santos dolphin death claims must trigger investigation

    16 February 2023

    PERTH, 16 February 2023 - Claims that gas company Santos covered up the extent of an oil spill that caused dolphin deaths are extremely concerning and warrant immediate investigation, says Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

  • NSW standing up to offshore gas a win for oceans

    15 February 2023

    SYDNEY, 15 February 2023 - The New South Wales Government’s move to legislate a ban on offshore gas drilling will help to protect oceans and marine life in New South Wales waters from destructive drilling, seismic blasting and toxic gas spills, says Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

  • WA’s Burrup Peninsula deserves World Heritage status

    10 February 2023

    PERTH, 10 February 2023 – The Federal Government’s bid to have the Burrup Peninsula recognised for a UNESCO World Heritage listing sends a strong message about the area’s cultural and environmental importance, says Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

  • New safeguard mechanism runs risk of same old mistakes

    10 January 2023

    SYDNEY, 10 January 2023 - The proposed revamp of the Safeguard Mechanism, Australia’s main policy to regulate corporate emissions, risks repeating past mistakes through loopholes that can be exploited by big polluters, says Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

  • Scam carbon offsets scheme still set up to ignore scientists

    9 January 2023

    SYDNEY, Monday 9 January 2023 - The Chubb Review into Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) has failed to address the serious concerns about the integrity of a key carbon offset method raised by leading scientists, says Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

  • World-class standards needed to cut vehicle emissions

    13 December 2022

    SYDNEY, 13 December 2022 - Australia needs to introduce world-class fuel efficiency standards commencing in 2024 if it is to have any chance of meeting its target of net-zero emissions by 2050, a new report finds.

  • Renewables are the solution to greedy gas industry price gouging

    9 December 2022

    9 December 2022- A price cap on gas and short-term rebates for household energy bills will help blunt some of the rampant price gouging by gas corporations, but a swift transition to renewables is the true solution to Australia’s energy crisis, says Greenpeace Australia Pacific.