Press release – 14 November, 2012Melbourne, Thursday 15 November, 2012: Sharks and a giant tuna can are occupying the roof of John West’s headquarters in Melbourne this morning as part of a Greenpeace campaign to expose the company’s destructive fishing practices.Activists dressed as sharks have climbed onto the roof, hanging a banner reading ‘John West slashes ocean stocks’ over the entrance to the building.
“The John West building needed a makeover to more accurately reflect the needless slaughter the company inflicts on marine life each year,” Greenpeace Oceans Campaigner Nathaniel Pelle said.
The protest escalates the Greenpeace ‘Reject John West’ campaign, which calls on John West to stop using destructive fishing methods and switch to more sustainable ‘pole and line’ or ‘FAD-free’ tuna.
“Over 15,000 Australians have already emailed John West demanding it change its fishing practices in line with more responsible brands,” said Pelle.
“Australians are ocean lovers and they’ve been outraged to discover that John West is killing hundreds of tonnes of sharks, rays, baby tuna and turtles every year.”
“John West’s response to the campaign has been a mixture of greenwash and censorship. We will increase the pressure until the company does the right thing. Unless it switches its fishing methods, Australians should switch tuna brands,” said Pelle.
Greenpeace is campaigning globally to ban the destructive use of FAD fishing.[1]
Many responsible brands have already committed to FAD-free or pole and line tuna, including John West and every brand and retailer in the UK, John West Germany, Safeway in the US, Mareblu of Italy, and Greenseas, Safcol and Sirena in Australia.[2]
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