Shifting the Narrative

Stories help us decide which futures are possible and how those futures may be brought into being. If we pay attention to the stories that a culture holds dear, we discover its deep structure. We learn what is most important to people, what they value, and what they disregard.

At Greenpeace, we are not content with the stories that already exist. We have something more to say. We recognize which stories are circulating in our culture, and understand that they can be broken apart and rewritten. Greenpeace aims to show a part of the world others haven’t seen before or to help others see that world from an unfamiliar angle. When we expand our vision, we expand the range of what seems possible.

Greenpeace does this by rapidly injecting our side of the story into unfolding political events, calling out politicians with vested interests, elevating the voices of Pacific leaders at global climate fora , celebrating progress, conducting deep analysis and investigation into media narratives, and by engaging in thought leadership.

Our spokespeople regularly appear in the media driving thousands of mentions per year in Australia and internationally. Greenpeace has a diverse group of commentators and spokespeople available for the media, covering topics such as climate change, extreme weather events like bushfires, the clean energy transition, renewable energy and fossil fuels.