Consumer Guides

Greenpeace Australia Pacific campaigns on many consumer issues locally and around the world. We have created a series of guides to help people decide on purchases that align with their individual values.

How a company addresses each of the environmental issues covered by the guides may vary significantly. If a company receives a positive rating in one guide it does not automatically mean a favourable rating will be given in another guide.

We are working on getting all of the featured companies to move in the right direction.

Until they do, we hope that you find the information useful in making your individual choices, and we hope you will share these resources with others so our effects multiply to create the pressure needed for systemic change.

The most recent guide available is the 2022 Green Electricity Guide.

Logo for The Green Electricity Guide, by Greenpeace


Previous Guides

Companies have taken notice of our previous guide and their effects on demand over the years, and through the combination of this and other pressures, many have changed their practices. Information about these past campaigns is available below: