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  • Whale Spotting in Perth Canyon with Dr Olaf Meynecke

    5 May 2023

    Most tourists who visit Perth make it out to Rottnest Island to visit the cute quokkas and marvel at the island’s lonely wind turbine, which once attracted the wrath of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. But just beyond Rottnest lies a much less-explored region - Perth Canyon, one of the best places in the world to spot the endangered blue whale, the largest animal on the planet.

  • Meet Emma from School Strike 4 Climate

    5 May 2023

    We spoke with Emma from School Strike 4 Climate on Thursday when she visited the Rainbow Warrior in Fremantle during its Whales Not Woodside Ship Tour to learn more about how she became involved in climate activism, what motivates her, and get her thoughts on Meg O’Neil and Woodside’s Burrup Hub gas expansion.

  • Greenpeace and the end of whaling in Albany

    4 May 2023
    Sophia Fowler

    The end of whaling in Albany marked a turning point in the fight to protect whales from extinction. In the 1970s, the greatest threat to whales was whaling. Now the greatest threat comes from fossil fuel companies like Woodside who are driving dangerous climate change.

  • EV Myths Busted

    14 April 2023
    Sophia Fowler

    Have you noticed that electric vehicles are not just hitting the roads faster than ever, but misinformation about them is also spreading like wildfire? 

  • Historic UN Ocean Treaty

    28 March 2023

    New York, 4 March 2023 - A historic UN Ocean Treaty has finally been agreed at the United Nations after almost two decades of negotiations.

  • We can't be Māori without the ocean

    22 March 2023

    Aotearoa New Zealand activist and campaigner Quack Pirihi is part of the Pacific delegation attending the International Seabed Authority (ISA) conference this week. Quack is of Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Wai, Ngati Porou, Ngāti Whatua o Kaipara whakapapa (heritage) and traveled to the ISA with a group of Pacific activists onboard Greenpeace’s ship, the Arctic Sunrise. They speak about the stakes for indigenous people if deep sea mining begins.

  • Today the UN is due to release its latest climate report. Here's what you need to know.

    20 March 2023
    Emily Burton

    Climate report this, 1.5°C warming that. In case you missed it, this week the UN released its latest climate report. And if you didn't miss it, you've probably heard 'IPCC' or '1.5°C' floating around. But you wouldn't be the first person to find it, well, a little confusing to wrap your head around. So let's unpack it together.