In July 2023, the International Seabed Authority (ISA) will hold crucial meetings, and Greenpeace has specific asks to protect our oceans and prevent reckless deep sea mining.

Greenpeace activists from New Zealand and Mexico confront the deep sea mining vessel “Hidden Gem” (commissioned by The Metals Company) off the coast of Manzanillo, Mexico, as it returned to port from the Pacific, where it completed eight weeks of test mining in the Clarion Clipperton Zone between Mexico and Hawaii. © Gustavo Graf / Greenpeace
  1. Avoid Rushed Mining Approvals:
    Greenpeace urges the ISA Council to prioritise ocean protection. We call on governments to ensure that commercial deep sea mining does not start this year. The Council should instruct the Legal and Technical Committee (LTC) not to approve any mining plans without a comprehensive ‘mining code’ in place. Rushing mining approvals under industry pressure is unacceptable and threatens marine ecosystems.
  2. Support a Moratorium:
    During the ISA Assembly meeting, Greenpeace calls on governments to work towards adopting a moratorium as a general policy. Express support for the moratorium this year and coordinate with like-minded countries. A moratorium would safeguard our oceans and allow time for thorough assessments of the potential environmental impacts of deep sea mining.
  3. Participate Actively and Mobilize:
    Greenpeace asks governments to actively engage in intersessional dialogues, especially the virtual one on 30th May. This involvement is critical to make progress on the ‘what if’ scenario and reach agreements on safeguarding the oceans. Governments should also mobilize Assembly members to participate in the meeting in Kingston, ensuring crucial decisions are made to protect our ocean’s future.
  4. Emphasise Legal Solutions:
    Greenpeace emphasises that a moratorium is legally possible and consistent with UNCLOS and ISA frameworks. Governments supporting a pause or moratorium should actively explore legal avenues to achieve this goal and foster collaboration with other Council members.Greenpeace’s asks for the ISA meetings in July 2023 are straightforward: prioritise ocean protection, prevent rushed mining approvals, support a moratorium, participate actively in discussions, and emphasise legal solutions. Together, we can work towards sustainable practices and protect our oceans from the imminent threat of deep sea mining. Let’s take collective action for a healthier marine ecosystem and a sustainable future.