• Who remembers their new year's resolution?

    5 June 2011

    Lauren is one of 19 people heading to Sumatra on the Greenpeace Jungle Challenge this October. Taking the challenge was all part of her New Year's Resolution to get off her butt and help save one of the world's most incredible forests. She explains her motivation, and invites us all to her fundraising 'Jungle Party' in Sydney.

  • Rainforest protection plans reward the industries destroying forests

    8 April 2011

    The majority of the world’s remaining rainforests are in developing countries. So it makes sense that the wealthiest nations provide money to protect them since they are responsible for a greater share of global emissions, not to mention the fact that they buy most of the products from rainforest destruction.

  • A Golden Chainsaw for Papua New Guinea

    25 October 2010

    Today I gave Greenpeace’s Golden Chainsaw award to the representative of the Government of PNG at talks on REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestaion and Degradation). Her name is Federica Bietta and she is also representing PNG as co-chair on special REDD Partnership negotiations.

  • A chance to change history

    15 October 2010

    Executive Director of Greenpeace International, Kumi Naidoo, is in Indonesia for the Rainbow Warrior's 'Turning the Tide' tour.

  • Our special role in this EU victory

    9 July 2010

    This week, Greenpeace celebrated the introduction of laws in the European Union to prevent the importation of illegal timber. It's a momentous win.

  • Awesome Win For Canada's Boreal Forest

    24 May 2010

    After the Nestlé announcement last week, the good news just keeps on coming. Our Canadian colleagues are thrilled about a new, far-reaching agreement between campaign groups and logging companies that should see vast areas of the country's boreal forest protected.