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  • Campaign Recap: Australia’s Greatest Liability

    9 November 2022
    Jackson Reid

    This year we've been taking on Australian energy giant, AGL. Read on to hear about Greenpeace's role in pressuring AGL to close their dirty, coal-fired power stations.

  • Heaps Better Episode 4: How can we make our leaders listen?

    5 March 2021

    So how can we send the message that we want to move forwards to the renewable future and leave coal oil and gas in the past — and be heard? We need to raise our voices and our friends in the Pacific, Fenton Lutunatabua and Joseph Moeono-Kolio join us in Episode 4 to help us speed things up. We’ll learn how to amplify our impact with legendary social researcher on climate communication Dr. Rebecca Huntley, and get a politician’s inspiring point of view from Deputy Lord Mayor of City of Sydney, Jess Scully.

  • Heaps Better Episode 3: How can we stop funding the climate crisis?

    5 March 2021

    How can we stop funding the climate crisis? We hit up Munira Chowdhury, a Market Forces analyst, to learn how we can easily divest from dirty power and invest in the clean energy future 💪⚡ It’s so easy that Ash switched her super while we were working on the episode. Boom. Done. We’ll also learn how to double, triple, and quadruple our positive impact on the planet. Katrina Bullock, Greenpeace’s General Counsel and Finance News journalist, and Heidi Lenffer, musician and founder of FEAT, will share how we can collectively confront our financial institutions and use our networks of influence for the (heaps) better of our stunning planet.

  • Heaps Better Episode 2: How can we speed up renewables?

    5 March 2021

    In this episode, we chat with Simon Holmes à Court, a Director of the Smart Energy Council, and Lindsay Soutar, Greenpeace’s Campaigner for renewable energy and lead of the REenergise campaign. We’re also visiting a carbon neutral kinder and a solar powered brewery. You might be thinking, how exactly can we ditch the biggest coal, oil, and gas giants to fully embrace a renewable transition? We can all do our bit in our homes, schools, and offices, but we’ll also unveil the biggest energy users who need to pull their weight too: big corporations who use a whopping 71% of global emissions!

  • Heaps Better Episode 1: How can we be better planet savers?

    5 March 2021

    How can we start saving the planet - right here, right now? And how do we even figure out what to focus on? We’ve found experts and activists who can tell us what works best, and put your questions to them. We begin to make sense of this climate mess with help from climate scientist Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick and Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO David Ritter.

  • Tools for Grassroots Activism

    15 December 2020
    Bella Todd

    Running a grassroots campaign or starting a movement online can be intimidating, but there are so many great tools available to help you get started. Here are our top picks from the world of online grassroots activism. Not only are these platforms all entirely FREE, they’re easy to use and they’re all for promoting responsible grassroots activism!