Our Governance

Greenpeace Australia Pacific strives to follow the highest standards of accountability and transparency in all we do towards a green and peaceful future.

Our governance structures reflect our fundamental respect for democratic principles and our need to maintain a high level of internationalism and independence. To this end we work to ensure our generous supporters – whether you take part in our actions or give through donating – know how our funds are spent.

Our governance structure is detailed in the Constitution of Greenpeace Australia Pacific Limited, with additional guidance in the Board Manual.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Greenpeace Australia Pacific consists of independent non-executive directors. The Board ensures the organisation obtains and appropriately uses the resources required to carry out its objectives and sustain it.

Other responsibilities of the Board are to:

•    approve the annual budget of the organisation
•    approved the audited accounts
•    appoint and supervise the Chief Executive Officer
•    monitor the operations and activities of Greenpeace Australia Pacific
•    approve organisation policy
•    approve the commencement of new campaigns.

Directors are elected by the General Assembly for a three-year period. They may hold office for a maximum of two terms unless elected to Chair, in which case one additional term may be served.

The Board is supported in its function by the Finance and Audit Committee, which is a standing subcommittee of the Board responsible for reviewing and advising the Board in the following areas:

•    Management and financial reporting.
•    Corporate risk and internal control environment.
•    Corporate governance.

Governance documents

•    The Constitution of Greenpeace Australia Pacific Limited (PDF 230 kb)