Our Structure

Legal Structure

As a registered charity, Greenpeace Australia Pacific Limited takes the corporate form of a public company limited by guarantee.

Instead of shareholders Greenpeace Australia Pacific has a General Assembly made up of more than 50 skilled volunteers who are the voting members. These members elect the Board from the existing General Assembly membership. The Board in turn appoints the Chief Executive Officer whom is delegated responsibility of management of the company.


Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s constitution defines the objectives of the organisation as being to:

  • Protect, preserve and enhance the natural environment;
  • Promote nuclear disarmament and peace; and
  • Establish and maintain a public fund for the specific purpose of supporting the environmental objectives.

Bilateral agreements

Greenpeace National or Regional Offices (NROs) operate in 40 countries around the world. There are a number of bilateral agreements that bind each Greenpeace National or Regional Office (NRO), of which Greenpeace Australia Pacific is one, to Greenpeace International.  The key documents that define and describe this relationship are the following:

  • License Agreement: a legally binding bilateral agreement between Greenpeace International and Greenpeace Australia Pacific, through which Greenpeace International grants the specific NRO a licence to use the Greenpeace name.
  • Framework Agreement: a legally binding agreement between Greenpeace International and the NRO that allows the NRO to participate in the Greenpeace International Council.
  • Organisational Development Plan: this is primarily a planning tool. It contains the objectives and plans for the NRO for the following three years as well as Greenpeace International’s commitments and the NRO contribution to Greenpeace International. The agreement is binding and is renewed every year.

Registration details

Company Name Greenpeace Australia Pacific Limited
Trading Names Greenpeace
Greenpeace Australia Pacific Limited
Company number 002 643 852
Australian Business Number 61 002 643 852
Registered Office 2c Hayes Road,
Rosebery NSW 2018
Postal Address GPO Box 2622
Sydney NSW 2001
Charitable Fund The Greenpeace Trust
Taxation Concessions held Endorsed as Gift Deductible Recipient
– Item 1 of section 30-15 of ITAA 1997
Income Tax Exemption
– Subdivision 50-B ITAA1997
GST concession
– Division 176 NTS (GST) Act 1999
FBT Rebate
– Section 123E FBTAA 1986