Greenpeace is a global environmental organisation, consisting of Greenpeace International (Stichting Greenpeace Council) in Amsterdam, and 26 independent national and regional offices across the world covering operations in more than 55 countries. These national/regional offices are independent in carrying out global campaign strategies within the local context they operate within, and in seeking the necessary financial support from donors to fund this work.

Black Bears in Canadian Boreal Forest

Black bears have better eyesight and hearing than humans. They are known to mark trees with their teeth and claws as a form of communication with other bears.

© Dave Taylor / Greenpeace

 In most National and Regional offices, voting memberships made up of activists and volunteers elect a Board of Directors.


The development and coordination of these global strategies is the task of Greenpeace International. Supported by a consultative international decision making process in which the National/Regional Offices are the main stakeholders, Greenpeace International co-ordinates worldwide campaigns and monitors the development and performance of national and regional Greenpeace offices.

The Greenpeace National / Regional offices are firmly rooted within the local environmental communities around the globe in the countries where Greenpeace operates. They maintain our direct contact with the public: all Greenpeace offices can be directly contacted by phone or email.

Greenpeace International is the entity that maintains contacts with supporters and donors in countries where we do not have offices. It also provides a range of services to the national/regional offices such as maintenance of the Greenpeace ships, setting up new Greenpeace offices, drawing up combined financial forecasts and strategies for the worldwide organisation, providing fundraising support to national/regional offices, providing cost-efficient global IT services and Internet tools, and protecting the Greenpeace trademark.

Greenpeace National and Regional Offices are iicensed to use the name “Greenpeace” by Stichting Greenpeace Council. National and Regional offices contribute financially to Greenpeace International, campaign locally, participate in international campaigns, and help shape the international campaign programme.