What is Telefundraising?

Telefundraising is an opportunity for us to directly speak to our supporters and build relationships and share understanding.

How do I know the call is on behalf of Greenpeace Australia Pacific?

Our callers will provide updates on our most recent Greenpeace campaigns. We’ll express our gratitude to our financial backers (known as Greenpeace Crew Members) for their significant contributions, and also engage new supporters to participate in our ongoing donation program. Additionally, you might receive a call to discuss the possibility of increasing your financial contributions, or to assist you in case of a payment issue. Ensuring mutual respect between our supporters and our telefundraisers is a priority for us.

Regular gifts make a meaningful difference in pushing forward the solutions to climate change and defending our natural world. Through this financial security Greenpeace can make long-term commitments to our campaigns that enable us to plan ahead while responding quickly and remaining independent.

Our regular donors are often surprised to realise the impact they have made, as their regular donation builds up over time into an amount that truly has the power to solve the complex and difficult problems the planet faces.

At the start, the caller will do the following:

  • Mention their name
  • State where they are calling from
  • Let you know the call will be recorded for training and quality purposes

The caller will also be able to let you know the reason they are calling (ie you recently signed the Global Plastics Treaty Petition).

Our calling partners

You will either be called from our in-house telefundraising team or:

  • GiveTel – (02) 8288 4200
  • Precision Connect – (03) 8554 6100
  • Fundamental Worldwide – (02) 9212 6679

Please note that calls will come from different numbers as they are generated through an auto-dialler.

If you are still in any doubt, please reach out to Greenpeace directly – 1800 815 151.

How we ask for financial donations

Single gifts help support the work we do at Greenpeace, however ongoing donations allow us to plan ahead and develop ambitious and effective strategies to combat the devastating impacts of climate change. Callers will ask you to set up a payment schedule that is flexible to the amount, start date (within 6 weeks) and frequency (4 weekly or monthly) that works best for you. 

All single gift and regular gift donations will be sent a receipting email immediately after the call. This is a standardised email across all calling partners and will have both the Greenpeace and the telefundraisers logo at the bottom of the email. 

At the end of the financial year, you will be sent a consolidated tax receipt to make your gift tax deductible. Please follow this link to find out more about tax deductable donations