How much trash do you produce in a week?

If you could see all the waste you produce, would it change the way you consume? This photographer is hoping so.

Australians produce a lot of waste. According to Clean Up Australia, the amount of waste that hits landfill in Australia every year is enough to cover the entire state of Victoria.

The average Australian produces 1.5 tonnes of waste in a year. Much of this household waste is avoidable – like plastic packaging and food waste. But according to the ABC, Australians still let $8 billion worth of edible food hit the bin each year.

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Being environmentally conscious on recycling day and sorting your rubbish into compost, recycling and general waste bins is fantastic – but it’s important to think about producing less rubbish to begin with. That’s why photographer Gregg Segal created 7 Days of Garbage – a series of portraits of Americans surrounded by a week’s worth of household rubbish. Gregg says:

“7 Days of Garbage is a series of portraits of friends, neighbors, and other acquaintances with the garbage they accumulate in the course of a week. Subjects are photographed surrounded by their trash in a setting that is part nest, part archeological record. We’ve made our bed and in it we lie.”




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What would your garbage selfie look like?

You can find all photos from the series here, and more of Gregg’s work on his website here.

  • lisa

    WOW too much crappy rubbish! It’s a worry…….so many people don’t compost, I can’t believe it …when it’s so good for the soil also!!!

  • Humans of Jindabyne

    I live near the snowy mountains in Jindabyne. Every year we are swarmed by tourists which is brilliant for local businesses but can leave devastating affects on our environment with litter seeming to be a huge factor! I can relate to these images. Check out my blog to see my solution for the problem. Best HoJ.

  • iamannafrancesca

    Sadly, waste aren’t that easy to be lessen but when we try to do it one day at time and one household at a time I’m sure there’ll be a difference. Check out this waste type guide that you can apply to your home so that it’ll be easy to check the amount of trash you produce as well as keeping your waste organized for easy disposal.

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  • Miriam Sheen

    These news are so disturbing! I can’t believe that a person can produce so much waste but unfortunately it is truth. I am trying to reduce the household waste with small steps. For example I sewed my own bag which I bring to the grocery. I also use only glass bottler. I know that these are small steps but this is just the beginning of my recycling ideas!

    Miriam Sheen

  • Adrian Lamacchia

    Not only are people getting so lazy but the continued increase in tipping fees is leading to illegal dumping, i have found this handy website to be handy in locating an affordable bin to hire.