What is the Kioa Declaration?

Understanding Pacific Voices for Climate Action

The Kioa Declaration is a landmark call for climate action, representing the collective voices of Pacific island nations. It emerged following a historic gathering of Pacific leaders, activists, and communities in Kioa Island, Fiji. The Declaration serves as a powerful demonstration of unity on the urgent need for climate action to protect the Pacific region and its people and culture from the devastating impacts of the climate crisis.

The Origin of the Kioa Declaration

The Kioa Declaration was born during a gathering of Pacific leaders and activists on the island of Kioa, Fiji. This island holds immense significance as a place where communities from Tuvalu sought refuge from rising sea levels and the immediate threat of climate impacts. Against the backdrop of this existential crisis faced by Pacific island nations, the leaders and communities united to amplify their call for climate justice and global climate action.

The Call for Climate Action

The Kioa Declaration is a powerful call for urgent climate action to safeguard the Pacific region and its people from the escalating impacts of climate change. It is a unified demand for:

Stronger Commitments: Pacific island nations are calling on the international community to enhance their commitments to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and limit global warming to well below 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, as set out in the Paris Agreement.
Climate Finance: The declaration highlights the critical need for increased financial support from developed nations to assist Pacific island nations in their adaptation and resilience-building efforts to confront the climate crisis.
Loss and Damage Funding: recognising the adverse impacts already felt by Pacific communities, the Kioa Declaration demands dedicated funding mechanisms to address loss and damage caused by climate change.
Renewable Energy Transition: The declaration emphasises the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, ensuring a sustainable and clean energy future for the Pacific.

The Significance of the Kioa Declaration

The Kioa Declaration carries immense significance in the fight for climate justice It represents the collective voice of Pacific island nations that have long been at the forefront of climate impacts despite contributing minimally to global emissions. This declaration is a call to action to the international community, and urges them to acknowledge and act upon their responsibility to support climate-vulnerable nations.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s Commitment to the Pacific Islands

Greenpeace Australia Pacific stands in solidarity with the Pacific island nations and supports the development of the Kioa Declaration. As an environmental organisation committed to climate justice and safeguarding the planet, we echo the call for urgent and ambitious climate action. We advocate for no new coal and gas projects, a rapid transition away from fossil fuels, an end to fossil fuel subsidies, increased climate finance, and dedicated funding to address loss and damage. By amplifying the voices of Pacific communities, we strive to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific stands united with the Pacific Islands in advocating for a just and sustainable future for all, recognising that the fight against climate change requires global solidarity and immediate action.

Together, we can stand shoulder to shoulder with our Pacific Island family in pursuit of climate justice and a safe future for generations to come.