REPORT: 30×30 From Global Ocean Treaty to Protection at Sea

19 September 2023


In March 2023, history was made when the UN finally agreed on a new Global Ocean Treaty. This Treaty is a powerful tool that can help protect at least 30% of the oceans by 2030. Time is running out, and reaching this target will require a strong and urgent political response. This report offers clear routes to action to get across the finishing line and help the oceans thrive again.

The High Seas cover 61% of the world’s oceans and occupy 70% of the living space on our planet, including land and sea. These international waters are home to a stunning wealth of marine life and ecosystems. They are crucial to many of the key processes that sustain life on our blue planet, including mitigating climate change.

But in recent decades life in the High Seas has dwindled under the rising impact of multiple human stresses, prompting the United Nations to begin a process to reform management in international waters.