Join Jess Hamilton and Ash Berdebes; two mates on a mission to discover the most high-impact, zero-fluff things we can do to take meaningful climate action. If you want to make things heaps better, but don’t know where to start — this podcast is for you!

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Are you feeling overwhelmed, alarmed and powerless in the face of the climate crisis? For the majority of us who aren’t climate scientists or full-time activists — we know that things can be heaps better, but how do we get there? 

Welcome to our new podcast series — Heaps Better! Join Jess Hamilton and Ash Berdebes; two mates on a mission to discover the most high-impact, zero-fluff things we can do to take meaningful climate action. If you want to make things heaps better, but don’t know where to start — this podcast is for you!

 In this 4-part podcast series, we’ll be diving into the basics of climate change and asking big, bold questions, like… 

  • How can we be better planet savers?
  • How can we speed up the renewables revolution?
  • How can we stop funding the climate crisis? 
  • How can we make leaders listen?

 And most importantly: what the heck can I do about climate change, and can I even make a difference as an individual?

 To answer these questions, we’ll pick the brains of experts at Greenpeace — plus climate scientists, financial experts, and everyday Aussie legends. 



Introducing our hosts, Jess & Ash

Jess and Ash both know what climate anxiety feels like – the fear, the frustration, and the feeling of utter hopelessness. Last summer especially, we all witnessed the devastation of the climate-fuelled bushfires.  

Jess Hamilton

“I feel guilty for not doing enough, and overwhelmed by challenge and choice. I want to make a difference but I feel like I’m wasting my time. I need hope for the future!” says Jess.

Ash Berdebes

“I feel a real sense of urgency. I’m afraid for the future, and am aware of the critical timeline, but I’m time poor and don’t know the best course of action,” says Ash.


Upon making a very special pinkie promise to protect the planet and their sanity, Jess and Ash have embarked on a journey to turn their climate anxiety into climate action – and, hopefully yours, too. 

In this podcast series, Jess and Ash, together with Greenpeace will question the the impact of individual actions: Do we need to buy new lightbulbs? What about KeepCups? Should we all go vegan? Do we need to stop flying? Is the world going to end in 10 years?!?

We’ll also unpack some of the heavier stuff: how we can speed up the renewables revolution, how we can divest our money from funding coal, oil and gas – plus, the awesome power of collective action to produce systemic change!



Heaps Better is a climate change solutions-focussed podcast (for everyday Aussies, like yourself!)

You’re ready to act… but you need the motivation, knowledge, skills and confidence to take effective climate action – does that sound right? To arm you with knowledge, we’ll be speaking to experts and trailblazers to figure out what we need to do and how we can do it. 

In Episode 1 | We’ll explore the big question: What can we do to stop climate change? Plus, we discover our superpowers for climate action, especially when we work together.

In Episode 2 | Hear about what we can do to kick coal out of the system, speed up the renewable energy revolution, and encourage big business to do it too.

In Episode 3 | We’re talking about money: Is your bank account financing the climate crisis? Join Ash and Jess as we learn about how easy it is to make sure your money is clean and green!

In Episode 4Prepare to be inspired: For collective action to succeed, we need to influence the influential. Hear amazing and empowering stories of everyday people making big changes.



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