World’s leading climate scientist: it’s time for Australia to ditch fossil fuels

The Federal Government’s renewed support for the fossil fuel industry will ultimately come at an enormous cost to Australia’s health, economy and security, according to world-leading climate scientist Michael E. Mann.

Speaking at the launch of a new report from Greenpeace Australia Pacific, The Case Against Fossil Fuels, Michael Mann, one of the world’s most respected climate experts, decried the Morrison Government’s “short-sighted” support for the coal and gas industry.

“Australia is a country on the climate frontline. As Greenpeace’s new report makes clear, the cost of damage wreaked by fossil fuels will very soon come to far outweigh any short-term economic gains to be made by exploiting these toxic resources,” he said.

“For all that Australia’s politicians may like to talk about coal and gas being foundational to Australia’s economy, it will too be its downfall. The Australian Government has repeatedly failed to act to protect its people from the greed of the fossil fuel industry, whose insidious influence can be seen in its short-sighted decision-making.” 

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s dissembling on the world stage at a succession of international conferences where Australia’s do-nothing climate approach is beginning to stick out like the proverbial sore thumb leaves Australia looking increasingly isolated.”

The Greenpeace Australia Pacific report lays out the case against the mining and burning coal oil and gas, covering climate impacts including worsening bushfires, super-charged storms and extreme heat, as well as the damage to human health, security and food supply chains.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific Head of Research and Investigations Nikola Casule said that the report was one the most comprehensive arguments for rapidly phasing out coal, oil and gas and rapidly shifting to cleaner, safer renewable energy.

“As the Australian resources industry renews its lobbying efforts, and Australia’s politicians bicker and delay emissions reduction efforts, the clock is ticking. As this new report makes clear, mining and burning coal, oil and gas is already causing damage to our climate, to our health and to our environment that far outweigh any short-term financial gains, and will ultimately hurt Australia’s future prosperity.”

“The case against fossil fuels has never been stronger – now it’s time to phase them out.”


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