Woodside’s final Browse plan shows why this toxic project must be stopped

Greenpeace Australia Pacific has condemned the “unacceptable” climate and environmental impacts listed in Woodside’s final Environmental Impact Statement for its Browse gas field, saying that it confirms why this toxic offshore drilling project must not go ahead.

The Browse Environmental Impact Statement confirms that the gas field will produce approximately 1.6 billion tonnes of climate pollution over its lifetime, and will directly threaten the habitat of critically endangered turtle species.

Jess Panegyres, Head of Clean Energy Transition for Greenpeace Australia Pacific, says that, despite widespread Australian and international condemnation, Woodside has barely altered its dangerous plans for Browse. 

“The final Environmental Impact Statement for Browse makes clear Woodside’s reckless determination to push through this toxic gas field, despite the enormous risk it poses to the global climate and to Western Australia’s unique marine wildlife.” 

“The United Nations and the International Energy Agency have been clear that the world cannot have new fossil fuel projects if we want to stay within the 1.5 degree Paris target. Woodside’s Browse is a dirty project and inconsistent with the Paris Agreement.”

“Woodside plans to drill 50 gas wells directly under a coral reef, one of the most ecologically important marine environments in the world. A slight variation to the Browse proposal that Woodside made earlier this year makes little difference to the project’s devastating marine impacts, with the plans revealed today showing Woodside still plans to drill in endangered turtle nesting areas, and in crucial foraging and migration areas for pygmy blue whales.”

“Woodside has also made no effort to reduce or mitigate the approximately 1.6 billion tonnes of climate pollution that Browse will spew out over its lifetime. Rather than making any genuine effort to reduce its emissions Woodside is once again greenwashing its impact by relying on ineffective offsets. As Australia and communities around the world suffer increasingly catastrophic climate impacts, Woodside’s reckless disregard for the climate is unacceptable.”

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