Toyota just doesn’t get it

SYDNEY, Wednesday 12 October 2022 – In response to Toyota executive Sean Hanley’s comments at the launch of the new Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid SUV, Greenpeace Australia Pacific senior campaigner Lindsay Soutar said:

“Toyota clearly just doesn’t get it. 

The world has moved on from polluting hybrid vehicles, and the fact that Toyota is still expecting a gold star for a small number of hybrid sales over 25 years points to exactly how far behind the company really is.

For Toyota to fall back on hybrids to claim it’s doing its bit to tackle climate change is just not good enough, and only illustrates the problem with this company. The world needs zero-emissions vehicles now, and it’s time for Toyota to step up.

Toyota’s been selling and promoting hybrid cars for 20 years, but transport emissions are still rising. Petrol-burning hybrids are no longer the best technology either for cutting emissions or for reducing the cost of transport for consumers.

We’re happy to make Toyota a certificate for its good work 20 years ago when the only option was hybrids, but if it wants kudos in 2022 it will have to actually get on with making zero-emissions vehicles.”



A recent Greenpeace East Asia report ranked Toyota at the back of the pack globally when it comes to environmental credentials, and a Greenpeace Australia Pacific report exposed Toyota’s track record of lobbying against measures to reduce climate pollution from vehicles, greenwashing and advocacy for fossil-fuelled hybrid vehicle technology.


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