In response to comments from Toyota executives concerning electric vehicles, Greenpeace Australia Pacific campaigner Joe Rafalowicz said today:

“In continuing to spruik fossil fuels in a climate crisis, it’s clear that Toyota cannot be trusted when it comes to making the necessary transition to electric cars.

“Toyota’s misinformation, green-washing and anti-climate lobbying has been called out the world over – they have one goal: continue to sell petrol polluting vehicles.

“This company does not sell a single battery electric vehicle in Australia. It is the pinnacle of self-interest for them to lecture Australians on the need to move slowly on electric vehicles.

“Pitching for more petrol-fuelled cars in 2023 is akin to the tobacco industry lobbying for weakened smoking laws or the asbestos industry lobbying for relaxed building standards.

“Australians see through Toyota’s corporate greed: battery electric vehicles are the fastest growing segment of new car sales, and with a strong fuel efficiency standard set to make it even easier and more affordable to buy one, Toyota’s self-seeking rhetoric becomes more ridiculous by the day.

“Global reliance on fossil fuels is destroying our health, environment and climate. We need to urgently switch our homes and businesses and transport off coal, oil and gas and onto renewable electricity – powered by the sun and wind.

“Vehicle emissions are one of the most significant sources of climate pollution in Australia –  alone, they count for one-fifth of our total emissions! – and it’s only growing. The need to electrify our cars has never been more urgent.”


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