Time for Coles to go all the way on energy: Greenpeace

SYDNEY, Thursday 5th November 2020 - Greenpeace is calling on Coles to commit to 100% renewable electricity by 2025 at the supermarket giant’s AGM held today.

As the country’s 12th largest energy consumer with over 2500 stores around the country, pursuing a nation-wide transition to 100% renewable electricity would prevent over 1.5 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year. It would also lead to the creation of at least half a dozen new wind and solar farms, and over a thousand new jobs in construction.

“Coles has already taken a big step by signing deals in NSW and QLD to harness the wind and sun and power 30% of the company’s total operations. Now it’s time to show customers and shareholders that Coles is committed to the cleanest, lowest-cost energy to power all its operations nationwide,” said Lindsay Soutar, REenergise Campaign Director at Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

In September, Coles announced a landmark 10-year agreement with QLD clean energy generator and retailer CleanCo to source more than 90% of its Queensland electricity requirements from clean energy. And in 2019 the company signed a deal to source 10% of their total power from three regional solar farms in regional NSW.

At the company’s AGM today Greenpeace is calling on Coles to follow the lead of other major retailers in committing to 100% renewable electricity.

“ALDI, Bunnings and Officeworks have all shown that committing to 100% renewable is 100% doable for major retail operations in Australia. Renewable energy is cheap, reliable, better for business, and better for the environment.”

“Coles is Australia’s 12th largest electricity user. If the company switches its stores, warehouses and offices to 100% renewable electricity it can help create a clean and resilient economy with more jobs for everyday Australians.”

“In Australia and overseas, over 260 companies have already made commitments to 100% renewable electricity through the RE100 initiative- proving that 100% renewable is 100% doable.”

Greenpeace is calling on Coles to sign up to RE100 and commit to 100% renewable electricity by 2025. 

“If even more of Australia’s biggest companies switch to 100% renewable energy, it will create thousands and thousands of future-proof jobs for Australians, modernise our energy grid, and help ensure a safe and healthy future for all.”

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