In response to the announcement that Australia will rejoin the Green Climate Fund broadcast on RN Breakfast this morning, the following comments can be attributed to Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s Pacific Advisor and Community Engagement Manager, Shiva Gounden:


“We cautiously welcome the announcement that the Australian government is listening to the vocal calls of Pacific nations and rejoining the Green Climate Fund — the primary fund globally for climate finance and a vital tool in supporting climate-impacted nations like the Pacific.

“It is the right decision. Pacific communities are bearing the brunt of the climate crisis as they experience more severe storms, sea level rise and loss of agricultural land. This has a profound impact on the culture, livelihoods and unique way of life of Pasifika people who hold a deep connection to the land and oceans.

“While the commitment to a ‘modest contribution’ is positive, the key demand we are consistently hearing from Pacific leaders is for no new fossil fuels. Contributing to the fund without stopping all new coal and gas projects is like showing up at a fire with a extinguisher in one hand and a flamethrower in the other.

“We urge the Australian government to go a step further and heed Pacific demands to end all new fossil fuels.”