The Fresh Energy People: shoppers applaud Woolworths’ commitment to 100% renewable electricity by 2025

SYDNEY, Nov 11 2020: Woolworths, Australia’s largest supermarket chain and the country’s sixth largest electricity user, has made the latest move in the retail race to renewables, announcing that it will commit to source 100% of its electricity from new-build wind and solar by 2025.

The announcement today, which gives Woolworths the energy edge on rival chain Coles, will generate 880 MW of new wind and solar, enough to power 352,000 homes and create almost 1600 energy jobs. 

But the emissions savings don’t stop there – Woolworths has also committed to become net positive by 2050, meaning that it will be drawing down emissions from other sources.

Woolworths has become the latest in a series of Australian brand giants, including ALDI, Bunnings, Officeworks and Telstra, to step up and set a strong renewable electricity target.

REenergise Campaign Director Lindsay Soutar from Greenpeace Australia Pacific said that Woolworth’s commitment shows how our biggest brands are stepping up their climate and energy ambition, with Woolworths the latest Australian company to join the global RE100 movement.

“What Woolies does matters. There are over 1000 Woolworths supermarkets and metro stores, and 3000 stores across the group including Big W and Dan Murphy’s, which employ more than 215,000 people. Woolworths Group going 100% renewable puts solar and wind power at the heart of Australian communities across the country,” she said.

“The scale of Woolworth’s energy commitment is vast. Using their abundant roof space for solar panels, and sourcing the rest of their electricity needs from wind and solar farms in regional Australia will create new jobs and speed our transition to a renewable-powered grid.”

“Businesses like Woolies know that wind and solar just make sense. They stand to make huge savings on electricity bills, and, more importantly, shoppers love to see it.”

 “When big brands make big renewable energy commitments, we see big change. Woolworths joins over 260 companies worldwide in the RE100 initiative who’ve committed to 100% renewable electricity, proving that 100% renewable is 100% doable.”

Woolworths shopper Lisa Edinburg said that the renewable energy and climate commitments played an important factor in her purchasing decisions.

“I’m a Woolworths shopper and seeing that they’re going 100% renewable has really raised their standing in my eyes,” she said. 

“As a shopper, and a parent of young children, I want to know that brands I support are working to create a safer future for my family – it definitely plays a role in my shopping decisions. Onya Woolies – and your move, Coles.”

Greenpeace is now calling on Coles to commit to power its operations with 100% renewable electricity by 2025, and to join the RE100 initiative.

For more information please contact REenergise communications lead Fiona Ivits on 0487 003 872 or [email protected]