Students, surfers, and community unite to show oil companies they are not welcome in Apollo Bay

November 23, 2018: A student-led flotilla including kayaks, sailboats, paddle boards, and surfboards will set sail in Apollo Bay Harbour today to send a message to oil companies that they are not welcome to drill in the Great Australian Bight.

The flotilla, which will begin at 1.45pm in Apollo Bay Harbour, was organised by a 15-year-old student from nearby Apollo Bay school and is expected to include more than 70 people,10 sailboats and countless other smaller crafts.

“Apollo Bay student Grace Gardner has just completed her year 10 exams today but while cramming for those exams she took the time to organise her school and community to come to this protest today,” Greenpeace campaigner Holly Dawson said.

“She has organised a flotilla event with surfers, sailors, fisherpeople and her peers from across the coast from Torquay to Portland to show Victoria’s coastal communities opposition to oil drilling.

“Young people have to deal with the consequences of climate change, they want action now and know that we can’t be opening up new oil fields to burn.”

Dawson said community members were horrified by recent leaked reports showing an oil spill could potentially be twice as bad as the Deepwater Horizon disaster and could see oil blanket coastal communities in an area reaching from Western Australia to Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

“Victorians love their coastline and beaches and they know that deep sea drilling in the Bight would have a devastating impact on the places and creatures the love if there was a spill,” she said.

“We must protect these precious places from this reckless and dangerous project.”

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