Toyota Australia reveals it won’t be beaten on its ambition to wreck the climate with polluting vehicles, with comments today showing it remains committed to scuttling vital emissions standards for new cars whatever the cost to Australians, Greenpeace Australia Pacific said today.

In response to comments reported in the media today attributed to Toyota Australia’s sales chief, Sean Hanley, Greenpeace Australia Pacific campaigner Joe Rafalowicz said:

“The world is moving rapidly to more efficient vehicles, with targets in place in New Zealand, the EU and the US. The claim that the Australian Government’s proposed limits on car pollution are ‘moving too fast’ is the self-interested whining of a car company which has only just unveiled a fully electric vehicle for sale in this country. Toyota are losing the race to electric vehicles and instead of accelerating, they want to slash everyone else’s tyres along the way. 

“The threat from Toyota executives that they will ‘pass on any price increases to consumers’ instead of trading credits shows absolute contempt for Australians doing it tough in a cost of living crisis. 

“Refusing to trade credits would mean effectively doubling the cost of going over the pollution limit, a decision seemingly made out of spite rather than good business sense.

“In the US, Toyota has not only met all of the pollution limits in place but have surplus credits – so why does the U.S. get efficient vehicles, but Australians are not good enough for them?

“Toyota’s strategy around the world has been exactly the same when it comes to rules limiting car pollution: delay, delay, delay. 

“Australians are right to be skeptical of a company which just last month was raided by Japanese police following allegations that they were cheating emissions tests.”

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Toyota’s comments follow a damning report released yesterday from the U.S.-based Public Citizen, alleging the company greenwashes and misconstrues data in its latest report on climate policies globally.

Greenpeace’s ‘Toyota Files: The dirty secret behind Australia’s most trusted carmaker’ report steps out the car importer’s history of anti-climate lobbying in Australia and across the globe.


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