Press release – 23 June, 2013Burning all fossil fuel reserves would lead to unprecedented changes in climate so severe that they will challenge the existence of our society as we know it today. (Climate Commission, The Critical Decade 2013)New analysis has revealed that 91 new coal mining projects are planned for New South Wales and Queensland. The revelation comes just a week after the Climate Commission reported most of Australia’s fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground to avoid dangerous climate change.
If the 91 projects go ahead as planned and operate at capacity they would produce 604 million tonnes of coal a year, creating an additional 1.5Gt of carbon dioxide annually, nearly three times Australia’s current domestic greenhouse emissions
The Critical List: 91 coal projects Australia can’t afford
includes tables, maps, data on each individual project and analysis.
“The Climate Commission report confirmed most of Australia’s – and the worlds – coal must remain in the ground if we are to limit global warming to below two degrees,” said Dr. Georgina Woods, Greenpeace Climate Campaigner.
The Climate Commission report corroborates an earlier statement by the International Energy Agency (IEA) that global coal demand must peak and begin to decline by 2016 if the world is to meet the two degree goal.
“The 91 new coal mining projects would see Australia responsible for over 2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum by the end of the critical decade,” continued Dr. Woods.
“It is clear that the coal mining industry is out of control.  There are already 100 operating black coal mines in NSW and Queensland and to add another 91 coal mines would be reckless in the extreme. The QLD, NSW and Federal governments need to show some leadership and responsibility to stop the out of control expansion of the coal industry,” concluded Dr Woods.
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The Critical List: 91 coal projects Australia can’t afford