Report blows the lid off Liddell’s $300 million publicly funded bill

SYDNEY, February 10 2020 - A leaked report has revealed NSW’s oldest and least reliable coal-burning power station, built almost a half-century ago, will cost hundreds of millions of dollars in public money to keep open, and will threaten grid reliability in the process.

The report obtained by Sky News also found that AGL does not want to come up with the funds to keep the power station open, after giving a three-year notice of closure in 2019.

“The writing is on the wall for coal – Australia’s energy system is changing rapidly as clean, affordable and reliable renewable energy overtakes our increasingly old and unreliable coal-fired power stations,” said Jonathan Moylan, Campaigner at Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

“Already there have been nine coal-burning power stations closed since 2012, with clean and renewable energy and storage rapidly winning the energy race on cost, climate, and clean air.”

“The Federal Government knows full well that coal is on its way out, yet it has failed to implement policy solutions to support energy storage and unlock renewable energy projects to meet the pace of redundant coal-burning power stations being closed.”

“Coal is the biggest driver of climate change, and this past month has shown Australia is on the very frontline of climate impacts – heatwaves, bushfires, and destructive storms are all being turbocharged by the burning of coal and other fossil fuels.”

“Instead of slugging taxpayers to keep an old and dangerous coal clunker alive, the Federal Government should accelerate the shift towards clean and renewable energy and protect Australians from the worsening impacts of climate change.”

“The age of old, dangerous coal-burning power stations is over: It’s time to move Australia beyond coal and replace it with clean renewable energy.”

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